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Wall Street futures decline ahead of global central bank meeting
Futures for the main US stock indexes fall on Tuesday in anticipation of a series of meetings of world central banks, which are likely to raise rates, according to trading data.

US President Joe Biden
The US Senator gave Biden a "one" for his work
As of 2:40 pm Moscow time, futures for the Dow Jones Industrial Index (DJIA) are down 0.66% to 32,696 points, futures for the NASDAQ high-tech index are down 1.01%, to 12,475.75 points, for the S&P 500 broad market index  - by 0.78%, up to 4088.5 points.
Investors prefer not to take risks in the light of the upcoming meetings of the world's largest central banks.  On Thursday, the decision on the rate will be made by the European Central Bank, and next week by the US Federal Reserve.
Markets are suggesting that regulators will raise interest rates to curb inflation.  However, rising too sharply can trigger a recession.  Against this background, analysts expect increased volatility in the markets to continue.
"We're going to waver all summer," Julie Biel, senior analyst at Kayne Anderson Rudnick, told Bloomberg.  She noted that the main worries are related to whether it will be possible to make a "soft landing" and keep the world economy from recession.

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